Violin Methods

Title Description
Maia Bang Violin Method - Volumes 1 through 5 A series of five violin methods progressing from beginning-level technique through more advanced playing in the later books. Download
de Beriot - Method for Violin - Part I Covers basic technique, scales, and other concepts. Includes illustrations of the parts of the violin, how to hold the violin and bow, and more. Download
Hersey - Modern Violin Method Basic pieces and studies by composers including Dancla, Mazas, Haydn, and others. Also includes scales, tips on bowing, instructions on playing ornaments, and much more. Download
Hohmann - Practical Violin Method - Book 1 A method covering the basic rudiments of music, tone production, and easy reading exercises. Includes simple pieces and duets. Download
Laoureux - A Practical Method for Violin - Part II Learn to play in the first five positions, how to play harmonics, trills, and other techniques. Download
Schubert (Louis) - Violin School - Book 2 Exercises, duets, and more. English, French, and German translations. Download