Violin Lessons

The lessons on this page are from vintage music magazines including The Etude, The Musician and others.

Title Description
Locating Bad Tone Common problems that may cause bad tone and how to address them. View Lesson
Ludwig Van Beethoven's Sonatas for Piano and Violin - Analytically described by Ernst Stier A brief analysis of Beethoven's last two violin sonatas. View Lesson
Position of the Bow Arm An article on the correct position for bowing. View Lesson
Dividing the Bow Tips on how to use the bow in various musical situations. View Lesson
Two Faulty Finger Habits A discussion of two common bad habits and how to fix them. View Lesson
Importance of Fundamentals Several basic concepts that many players tend to skip and how to learn them. View Lesson
Rodolphe Kreutzer, the Master Teacher A brief biography of Kreutzer and some tips on learning his 42 studies. View Lesson
How to Rosin the Violin Bow Tips on the proper way to apply rosin to the violin bow. View Lesson
Scordatura An article about using tunings other than standard tuning (GDAE). View Lesson
Spacing the Strings A brief article with tips on the correct spacing of the strings on the violin. View Lesson
The Thickness of Violin Strings Tips on choosing the ideal string guage for your violin. View Lesson